Starfall Acting Contest: Searching for Hollywood’s Next Great Leading Lady

2LJ Productions is a newly formed independent film production company with a focus on dramas that provoke, enlighten, and challenge. With several films on its slate ranging from historic epics to sci-fi spectacles, to contemporary dramas, 2LJ Productions is poised to capture the imagination of the film-going audience. The first of 2LJ Production’s films to go into development, will be Starfall.

What is Starfall?

Starfall is a feature drama about a mother struggling to raise her young daughter in a world that wants nothing to do with her, even as it hungrily devours her every move. At its core, Starfall is about destiny, and about what it takes to pursue it. It deals with subject matter that doesn’t receive a great deal of attention despite the fact that everyone’s fascinated by it. The subject matter is daring, but according to Ervin Peter, “if it’s not daring, then it’s not worth doing.” And, as a result, Starfall will require a leading lady who isn’t afraid to be bold.


How Are We Searching for the Lead in Starfall?

Starfall will require a new type of actress to play the lead – perhaps unlike anyone we’ve ever seen before. As a result, we’ve determined that conventional casting methods will not be enough to find the talent we’re looking for, and so we’ve decided to hold an acting contest to find our leading lady. The contest will allow us to reach talent that we wouldn’t be able to find through conventional casting methods, and, it allows us to reach out to all aspiring actresses across the US and Canada.


Who Are We Looking For?

 We’re looking for an aspiring or established actress who has a self confidence that shines through in her speech, body language and acting spirit. Beyond these elements, any background is fine – with or without acting experience, with or without training, and either union or non-union. By far, the most important quality we’re looking for, is a love for the craft of acting, and a willingness to explore a daring and challenging role!


How Can I Enter the Contest?

 The contest is open to any aspiring or established actress in the US and Canada, 18 and older.

You’ll need to do a self-recorded video of three monologues. The monologues are provided on our Facebook page, The monologues are from three classic stage plays: Three Sisters, A Doll’s House, and Miss Julie. And, if you don’t already have them, you’ll need to take a headshot and a body shot.

Once you have all your materials, you can register at, at which point you’ll be emailed a password. You’ll then be able to log in, and upload your three videos and two photos, and you’re done!


What Are the Guidelines for the Monologue Videos?

 What will differentiate you from all the other actresses, is your performance in the three monologues. In order to give a strong performance, you’ll want to consider the following –

  1.  Choose an emotion for each of the monologues.

  2.  Decide on how you wish to convey that emotion through voice and facial expression.

  3.  Each of the monologues should appear as though it’s being delivered by a different character. In other words, the monologues shouldn’t be delivered with the same emotion, energy, or feeling.

  4.  Each of your performances should seem natural, and not forced or artificial. In other words, it’s important to neither over nor under-act.

  5.  The choice of whether to memorize each monologue is up to you – our primary focus is on your emotional range.

  6.  Some additional tips:

  •  The recording should be free of distracting sounds, and your face should be clearly visible.

  • You can do the recording using your computer’s webcam, or smartphone camera, or you can ask someone to help you record your video using a camera.

  • There’s no need to edit or polish your video using any post production processing.


What is the Selection Method?

 The contest will consist of three rounds

Round 1 – Contestants upload three monologue videos and two photos.

Round 2 – The top contestants from the first round will be selected to advance to the second round, in which each actress will be reading dialogue from Starfall during a live web audition (e.g. Skype, Facetime, etc.).

Round 3 – The top contestants from the second round will be selected to advance to the third and final round, in which each actress will be performing scenes from Starfall during an in-person audition.


What Prize will the Winner Receive?

 The winner will receive a cash prize of $50,000, and, in addition, will be offered the lead role in Starfall.

How Can I Follow the Latest Developments on the Contest and 2LJ Productions?

 Updates on both the contest, and on the Starfall trailer, which was shot during the summer of 2015, will be posted to 2LJ Production’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Each week, Ervin will select one or more contestants who’s performances stand out, and will feature them in a spotlight video. We’ll also be posting photos, news, and updates on the Starfall trailer!

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