Violence in the Afterglow

As a man pursues humanity’s ultimate freedom, the world is about to be plunged into the ultimate fear. Return to a time of excess, of innocence, and of possibility, as you witness the birth of humanity’s greatest technological achievement, with all its promise, and all its terror.

Baby Blue

All women know what it is they want, what it is they desire, and what it is they need. Or do they? Join a smart, sophisticated professional woman on a journey of self discovery, as she learns what it truly means to understand herself, and exert the ultimate control over her destiny.


Acceptance, respect, self-fulfillment. For many, achievable goals, for others, an unattainable ideal. Struggling against societal prejudice, a woman works with all her might to raise her daughter in a world that wants nothing to do with her, even as it hungrily devours her every move.

The Greatest Generation

In the opening days of the Second World War, a ragtag band of American sailors find themselves stranded on a remote island deep inside Japanese held territory. They must fight the elements, and themselves, as they discover that they’re not alone.

Constant Power

Emerging from a world of tradition to make his own way in a new world, a son returns home to reconcile with a father standing on the brink of absolute power. As each works to bridge the divide between them, they learn that a shared love has the power to not only bring them together, but to push them apart with a force so great that in the end, it can leave only one of them standing.


Embark on a journey that will take you to the Moon, to Jupiter Space, and the distant stars beyond. This is the story of one family’s multi-generational quest to conquer the heavens, and fulfill mankind’s ultimate destiny among the stars.

Civilization’s End

As the world puts all its energies into waging the Great War, one man struggles to find a way through to those who’s minds have been closed by its terrors, lest he be witness to not only the war to end all wars, but the war to end civilization itself.